Heather Reyes

Born in England to an American soldier, Georgina Hardiman can't wait to escape her step-family. She has big plans for her life ... but she never does make it to Katmandu. The only journey she makes is from street-fighting 1968 Paris to a small flat in London's Archway.

As a single mother, Georgina tries to make the best life she can for her daughter and herself in Mrs Thatcher's Britain. But Eloisa has her own ideas about what she wants from life.

And the first thing Eloisa wants is a father ...

Miranda Road is a bitter-sweet and sometimes witty meditation on love, on mothers and daughters - and the difficulty of freeing ourselves from the past.

'Rich, poetic, painterly, wise and tender - Heather Reyes portrays the last half-century of a changing Europe but also fictionalises the life of a mother and writer who loves her daughter and loves words, and manages to send both into the future' Maggie Gee

'Hugely readable and quietly profound, this novel avout family, in the most modern sense, explores the singular bond between mother and daughter ... it explores the aftermath of passion, of political upheaval, and the disintegration of the nuclear family with a sensitivity that is both lyrical and deeply moving' Beatrice Colin

'Leafy Archway street inspires magical story ... rich and witty ... poetic, light and politically insightful' Ham and High

'Beautifully written ... from the moment I started it I got hooked ... The tones of that mum, the images, the two voices coming and going. After reading, I savoured the echoes of the lovely voices in my head. This novel is a jewel' UK Amazon ***** review


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