Heather Reyes

During several months of treatment for a serious illness, the writer decides to turn a necessary evil into an opportunity: the luxury of reading whatever takes her fancy.

An Everywhere: a little book about reading is a quietly passionate and witty defence of the joys and consolations of reading in both the difficult and day-to-day aspects of our lives.

'An engaging and unaffected account of Reyes' reading history, encompassing the wider issues of why we read, the serendipity influencing what we read, and the benefits good reading can have on life. Far from being a 'misery memoir', then, An Everywhere is an extended love letter to the joys of reading and a celebration of the book as a physical object. An illuminating and often moving guide to an individual's relationship with the written word.' W B Gooderham, The Guardian

'I have so much enjoyed An Everywhere. It is a brilliant guide to the city of books: the city we hold within us, and the one we share with all its other citizens. I love Heather's passion for reading and the blend of erudition and intimacy that she brings to the discussion of what reading is and what books can do within a life. It is such a truthful book, honest about panic and anguish, and fascinating about what happens when the panic ebbs and the reader continues' Helen Dunmore

'This is a gem of a book, one to read and re-read and to carry around like a bible - not just a guide to great literature but as a reminder that reading is the highest form of religion. Heather Reyes' An Everywhere: a little book about reading is a great example of that which it explores, books that can take us anywhere and everywhere. An Everywhere ... is part good-read guide, part travel guide, part memoir. Reyes writes with the imagination and skill of the writer, the heart of a reader, the forbearance and wisdom of the patient and the expertise of the well-travelled' Cheryl Moskowitz

'It will renew your love of reading - a delicate, passionate book' Amy Spencer, National Association for Writers in Education

'Its breathtaking scope: English and French classics from Montaigne to de Beauvoir, Shakespeare to Woolf; insightful comments about the power of poetry; meditations on travel, libraries, and illness; the relative merits of shopping online and in bookshops – is handled with intellectual sharpness, emotional honesty and a readable lightness of touch.' The Lady

Literature/ Literary Studies Health/ Personal Development

978 0 992636401

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